Mobile PowerBox – PB300 Lithium-Ion – for Mobile Print Stations and More Flexibility in Logistics Environments

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Mobile PowerBox – PB300 Lithium-Ion – for Mobile Print Stations and More Flexibility in Logistics Environments

ACD Elektronik GmbH has now extended its product portfolio with another product portfolio highlight: The PowerBox PB300 Lithium-Ion with lithium-ion technology as a reliable, mobile energy supply in logistics environments. With the PB300 Lithium-Ion, any vehicle can easily be converted to become a mobile print station. The reliable PB300 Lithium-Ion provides more flexibility in the warehouse, saves on travel time and makes IT equipment mobile.

Flexible working throughout the warehouse environment: ACD Elektronik GmbH has already been providing a mobile solution for these needs for decades with the MAX mobile workstation. Now the product family has been expanded to include a mobile energy supply, the PowerBox PB300 Lithium-Ion. A maintenance-free lithium-ion rechargeable battery ensures optimum performance and makes the PowerBox an ideal companion in logistics environments. The PB300 Lithium-Ion not only allows for booster charges (during breaks for example) and very short charging cycles, it also weights very little, which enables multifunctional use. In contrast to commonly used safety-critical solutions with an open structure that are neither certified nor approved, the PowerBox PB300 Lithium-Ion with CE approvals and FI circuit breaker places special emphasis on working safety and personal protection. The user is protected against fault currents with full safety ensured.

In warehouse logistics or quality assurance, for stocktaking processes or for incoming and outgoing goods, the PB300 Lithium-Ion works independently of the power grid, thereby reducing unnecessary walking time. With a sturdy housing, a practical handle and a power supply that lasts for an entire shift (over eight hours), the PB300 Lithium-Ion is the perfect companion: light, ergonomic and easy to handle. The various power connections (230 V AC, 24 V DC) including battery controller guarantee mobile and flexible energy supply of forklift terminals (such as the ACD MFT1x series), monitors, laptops, ThinClients, scanners and printers and other IT equipment. More terminal devices can be loaded with an additional USB power supply. The PowerBox can be placed on all standard vehicles such as order picking carts and mesh carts and on permanently installed workstations and work tables. The PowerBox shows its full capabilities especially in warehouse applications that do not ensure a power supply. The PB300 Lithium-Ion can optionally be connected to read the charge state. The charge time is about four hours. Low charge state is indicated by both an acoustic and visual warning.

Data can be captured directly from the product using the PowerBox or entered in incoming goods, providing a significant boost to efficiency. The 12V/60Ah lithium-ion battery can be given a booster charge at any time, for example during breaks. This allows for longer runtimes, even with a high level of consumption. About 2500 charge cycles are possible with lithium-iron phosphate batteries. The lithium-ion rechargeable battery is practically maintenance-free, has a longer service life compared to conventional batteries and also has a very low self-discharging rate.

The easy connection to a standard vehicle or a stationary workstation without its own power supply make the PB300 Lithium-Ion an indispensable companion in warehouse logistics and provide a flexible, needs-oriented and processoptimized workstation.

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