Advantages of Using Backhand Scanners for Warehouse Picking Operations

Advantages of Using Backhand Scanners for Warehouse Picking Operations

Warehouse operations demand faster and more accurate picking than ever before. Businesses rely on a combination of human intelligence and high-performance technology to ensure that picking and order fulfillment operations meet high standards. At ACD Group, we develop portable electronic devices for use in the retail and logistics sector, including scanners built for high-volume picking tasks. Our backhand scanners provide workers and teams with complete connectivity to a centralized order system without impeding flexibility and object handling.

HasciSE Backhand Scanners — Overview, Key Features, and Applications

The HasciSE backhand scanner is a wearable logistics device that sits on the back of a wearer’s hand rather than their wrist for easier scanning, notifications, and feedback through LED, vibration, and sound. The scanner combines wearing comfort and functionality for scanning with finger switch, scan button or proximity sensor triggering. The 2D scanner SE4770 has optional dot code-reading capabilities, and can read 1D and 2D barcodes. The HasciSE can be paired with Bluetooth-compatible short-range radio 4.0+ devices and of course other ACD devices for example the Vehicle Mount Terminals. During small-parts picking operations, a backhand scanner allows hands-free order fulfillment.

Some of the key features that make our HasciSE backhand scanners the best fit for warehouse services include:

  • Battery power. The internal battery life extends past a single work shift’s time frame, or up to 6,000 scans, meaning there won’t be interruptions or delays for recharging or switching devices.
  • Durability. The HasciSE scanner is of the protection class IP54 and also works in cold environments up to -20 °C/-4 °F. Additionally, this backhand scanner keeps working even if it drops from working height 50 times.
  • Quick snap-on mount. Users can quickly insert the scanner into a hand cuff, hand strap, glove, or other wearable feature for their hands. This allows for easy scanner storage and quick change of carrying option.
  • Fast software. The scanner itself is fast, so operators can quickly fulfill orders and move on to subsequent tasks. The ACD app, EasyToConnect 2.0, is accessible to both Windows® and Android™ systems and connects the backhand scanner HasciSE easily to the device via Bluetooth.
  • Size. Given its slight weight of 45 grams and its dimensions, the HasciSE has a size advantage over other comparable scanners. The HasciSE is one of the smallest and lightest scanners in its class.

Backhand scanners have applications in a wide range of warehouse tasks because they allow wearers to stay connected to a centralized database while allowing cord-free mobility throughout the warehouse. Backhand scanners also allow hands-free functionality so operators can handle large, heavy, or fragile items comfortably.

Some of the most common applications for our HasciSE backhand scanners in the warehousing sector include:

  • Inventory management
  • Warehouse picking tasks
  • Picking in eCommerce fulfillment centers
  • Replenishing inventory
  • Processing received orders and parts
  • Completing orders for shipping

Advantages of Using Backhand Barcode Scanners

Replacing handheld scanner guns and bulky barcode readers with wearable barcode scanners enables faster order picking operations and warehouse inventory management. Some of the key advantages of making the switch include:

  • Improved productivity. Backhand scanners allow for faster picking with fewer interruptions and delays. Operators can move throughout the warehouse to fulfill an order without having to return to a central workstation. Also, the long battery life means workers can wear one scanner for the entire work period.
  • Increased speed and accuracy. Wearable scanners allow workers to pick up objects more quickly because they don’t interfere with mobility. The fast scanning technology and flexible trigger options also allow for seamless transitions between tasks without data entry or loading delays.
  • Enhanced working conditions. While backhand scanners improve business operations, they also improve conditions for employees and increase employee satisfaction. The hands-free, ergonomic operation reduces the risk of repetitive stress injury. It also allows wearers to pick up objects comfortably rather than awkwardly.
  • Reduced costs. Wearable scanners are cost-efficient warehouse picking tools as operators are less likely to drop them, incurring costly repair or replacement fees. The initial cost can also be beneficial in that customers typically do not have to buy additional components or hardware for full functionality since existing devices or inexpensive smartphones can also be used for this purpose.

HasciSE Backhand Scanners From ACD Group

Backhand scanners facilitate faster, more accurate picking operations while simultaneously improving workplace conditions. At ACD Group, we are a family-owned, ISO-certified company with locations around the world. We continue to offer our customers innovative solutions like the HasciSE, along with our EMS services, drive technology, and other portable devices for logistics, retail, and industry.

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