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For over four decades, ACD Group has served a range of industries with innovative electronic solutions. We specialize in manufacturing and integrating portable devices and systems, including warehouse mobile workstations and data terminals. Typical applications in the warehouse and logistics sectors include data collection, goods and inventory management, label printing, and quality assurance. All applications are designed to improve efficiency and increase return on investment.

Warehouse Mobile Workstations

Every warehouse has different needs depending on the personnel employed, operations handled, and materials worked. With this in mind, we designed and developed three different mobile workstation models to accommodate a broader range of facility requirements and restrictions.

All three models feature a flexible modular configuration that allows users to customize the system to their preferences, as well as a country-specific design that meets all EU and CSA/US requirements, a proven battery management system that ensures longer battery life, and industrial casters that facilitate movement through the warehouse.

We offer three mobile warehouse workstation models:


Warehouse Mobile Workstation MAX STD US

Mobile Workstation MAX STD US is our standard mobile workstation model. It is powered by two 12 V/65 Ah gel batteries and is available with an on-board sinus power inverter with 120 V AC/300 VA, 120 V AC/700 VA, or 120 V AC/1200 VA configurations.


Warehouse Mobile Workstation MAX Li-Ion US

Mobile Workstation MAX US Li-Ion comes with one Lithium-iron phosphate battery 25.6 V/50 Ah and an avilable sinus power inverter with 120 V AC/300 VA, 120 V AC/700 VA, or 120 V AC/1200 VA configurations. It offers shorter charging cycles, longer running times, and lighter unit weight than the standard mobile workstation model.

MAX BWS-R US mobile workstation

Warehouse Mobile Workstation MAX BWS-R US

Mobile Workstation MAX BWS-R US is powered through the use of two 12V/60Ah batteries and a 12V AC/300 VA sinus power inverter.

Benefits of Mobile Workstations for Warehouses

When integrated into warehouses, mobile workstations—such as the MAX line of mobile workstations—provide a number of benefits that improve profitability, including:

  • Increased productivity. Mobile workstations allow employees to take their workstation with them between locations in the warehouse, thereby reducing the amount of time spent walking back and forth between the workstation and supplies.
  • Enhanced data access. Since the workstation is immediately available, workers can easily access the information they need to ensure accurate order fulfillment and documentation of shipping and returns.
  • Simplified docking and shipping operations. Docking and shipping are much easier without the need for travel between different areas of the warehouse for products, materials, and documentation. A mobile workstation allows warehouse workers to keep everything together, for more streamlined shipping and receiving processes, as well as improved inventory management.
  • Reduced potential for error. With all of the pertinent data immediately available, workers are less likely to overlook, forget, or misinterpret information, thereby reducing the potential for errors in shipping, returns, and inventory checks.

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Handheld Data Terminals

Similarly to mobile workstations, handheld data terminals are exceptionally useful for streamlining warehouse operations as they enhance employee mobility and data access. Our proprietary line of handheld data terminals includes:

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M2Smart mobile data collection

Handheld Data Terminal M2Smart®

The M2Smart® with Android™ Industrial+ offers a superior customized experience with modular attachments, durable configuration, and a large 4.8-inch display. The integration of an Android Industrial+ operating system ensures secure transmission of data with timely updates and reliable software support.


Handheld Data Terminal M260TE

The M260TE with Android Industrial+ is ideal for use in industrial and logistics applications. The operating system provides easy access through a quick-entry keyboard and touchscreen. Various design options are available to suit different customer needs (e.g., pistol grips, side scanner keys, and 2D long-range scanner).

Vehicle-Mounted Terminals

Equipment operators need access to important data throughout the day, including stock details and route optimization. With this in mind, we offer a line of vehicle-mounted terminals that forklift operators and other vehicle controllers can utilize in their warehouse operations.

MFT10 Vehicle Mount Terminal

Vehicle Mount Terminal MFT10

With a 10.4-inch touch display and LED backlighting, the MFT10 Vehicle Mount Terminal facilitates the optimization of warehouse procedures. Function keys are definable by the user to ensure customizability with each operation, while numerous ports can connect with a variety of other devices and components. The Android™ Industrial+ operating system has been optimized by ACD and ensures reliable data security, long term support, and easy configuration.

MFT12 Vehicle Mount Terminal

Vehicle Mount Terminal MFT12

The MFT12 Vehicle Mount Terminal features Android™ Industrial+ and a 12.1-inch resistive touch-sensitive display with LED backlighting. This larger screen legibly displays data and complex applications to facilitate easy use. The terminal features numerous connection interface types to facilitate the installation of a broad spectrum of components and solutions.

Portable Warehouse Solutions from ACD Group

At ACD Group, we provide portable solutions designed to enhance the productivity and efficiency of our customers’ warehouse facilities. Our industrial computer workstations and handheld data terminals find application in sectors such as automotive, defense, food and beverage, health and welfare, logistics, medical, and industrial.

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