Backhand scanner HasciSE

The HasciSE is an ergonomic and industrial barcode palm scanner, which is not only one of the lightest, flattest and smallest in its class, but can also be easily paired with the appropriate ACD EasyToConnect 2.0 App with the corresponding counterpart device.

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Pick by Voice with Voxter® Elite+

Voxter® Elite+ with Android™ operating system and the Lydia® voice software ensure a systematic implementation of paperless order picking with pick by voice. By standardizing picking processes, you can increase the efficiency and quality of your order picking considerably.

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Optimized Android™ operating system for high data security

The Android™ Industrial+ features a highly reliable operating system optimized by ACD for all ACD mobile devices. The operating system originates from ACD in Germany. ACD ensures that data security is guaranteed for the customer and no data is transmitted to third parties. Android™ Industrial+ is a reliable Android™ with many years of availability.

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