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Industrial wearables are mobile devices that increase the productivity of tasks in an industrial work environment, such as logistics and manufacturing facilities. The devices increase overall employee efficiency and can improve the safety of performing repetitive tasks. Contrary to more general-use consumer wearables, industrial wearable devices are highly specialized to deliver ideal performance in a specific application and industry.

ACD Group offers several mobile technology solutions designed to boost productivity, safety, and efficiency. We offer two industrial wearables for use in industrial manufacturing and logistics applications. ACD Group’s HasciSE industrial-grade backhand scanner is designed to make scanning large volumes of product barcodes efficient and ergonomic and is suitable for use in a wide range of operating temperatures. The Voxter® Elite+ and Lydia® voice-recognition software from our partner EPG streamlines order picking with voice control, making inventory management faster, easier, and more accurate.

Learn about ACD Group’s industrial wearables, including their HasciSE backhand scanner and Voxter® Elite+ with Lydia® voice-recognition software.

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Advantages of Industrial Wearables

Industrial wearable devices deliver numerous benefits to the users and operations. At ACD, our industrial wearable devices are engineered to provide the following advantages to industrial manufacturing and logistics operations:

Wrist scanner HasciSE for logistics applications


Our HasciSE backhand scanner allows for faster order processing than traditional handheld scanners with an easy-to-use finger switch and backhand mounted scanner.

Backhand scanner HasciSE in use


The ergonomic design of the HasciSE backhand scanner reduces fatigue and minimizes the chance of workplace injury compared to traditional handheld scanners. The backhand scanner is lightweight to reduce muscle strain and prevents over-extending with a compact design and finger switch that is always within reach. In addition, proximity mode allows for even fewer required hand movements.

Voxter Elite+ Use Case

Hands-Free Design

Our HasciSE backhand scanner and Voxter® Elite+ with Lydia® allow workers to scan or pick items while keeping both hands free to do other tasks. Our industrial wearables allow for more versatility than traditional equipment and make it easy to multitask, increasing worker productivity.

Applications of Industrial Wearables

ACD Group’s industrial wearable devices are ideal for manufacturing and logistics applications. Our HasciSE backhand scanner is ideal for scanning barcodes in warehouse facilities and fulfillment centers, while our Voxter® Elite+ with Lydia® allows for voice-controlled order picking in warehouse facilities and fulfillment centers.

How Do Wearable Devices Transmit Data?

ACD Group’s HasciSE backhand scanner industrial wearable devices are compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 or higher mobile devices. Each wearable can wirelessly pair with compatible Bluetooth devices, and also connect using our effortless ACD EasyToConnect 2.0 app.

Our HasciSE industrial wireless barcode scanner and Voxter® Elite+ with Lydia® wearable devices are compatible with mobile devices that employ our award-winning proprietary Android™ Industrial+ mobile operating system, as well as Android™ or Windows devices via Bluetooth. This operating system comes with our ACD EasyToConnect2.0 app and several other proprietary ACD apps. Android™ Industrial+ is optimized to provide maximum data security, with no data disclosure to third parties. The software is designed and maintained by ACD Gruppe, with new security patches coming directly from the manufacturer. The Android™ Industrial+ operating system allows us to provide long-term support and a familiar interface for our devices.

Industrial Wearable Devices From ACD Group

ACD Group’s HasciSE industrial backhand scanner offers efficient and simple hands-free operation. The scanner is mounted to the back of the hand, allowing employees to scan items with the finger switch or proximity sensor while performing other tasks. Voxter® Elite+ with Lydia® offers seamless and quick order picking with voice control.

ACD Group has been an innovator in devices and solutions for the industrial, manufacturing, and logistics fields for more than four decades. To learn more about our industrial mobile solutions, including our Android™ Industrial+ operating system and our selection of industrial wearable devices, contact us and speak with a representative today.

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