Industrial Computer Workstations From ACD Group

MAX mobile industrial workstation with printer shelfACD Group offers a range of products with applications in industrial settings, including mobile workstations, mobile data terminals, and vehicle mounted terminals. For over four decades, we’ve produced innovative solutions for use in factories, plants, and manufacturing facilities. These applications are designed for efficiency, easy data collection, and prompt return on investment.

Industrial Mobile Workstations

Fortunately, ACD Group has revolutionized industrial systems with our independently powered mobile computer workstations. We have developed a range of stations with easily customizable modular designs to meet our customers’ industrial needs.

ACD has engineered easily modified mobile computer workstations useful in any industrial facility. Our industrial mobile workstations enhance productivity by allowing your employees to work from anywhere within the facility. Independent power sources allow the station to be easily relocated, and our industrial mobile workstations offer protection to sensitive components. Our models include:


Mobile Workstation MAX STD US

The Mobile Workstation MAX STD US is our standard mobile workstation model. Its power system consists of two 12 V/65 Ah gel batteries and is available in 120 V AC/300 VA, 120 V AC/700 VA, or 120 V AC/1200 VA configurations.


Mobile Workstation MAX Li-Ion US

The MAX US Li-Ion shares the MAX design, and it is powered by one Lithium-iron phosphate battery 25.6 V/50 Ah and offers 120 V AC/300 VA, 120 V AC/700 VA, or 120 V AC/1200 VA configurations.

MAX BWS-R US mobile workstation

Mobile Workstation MAX BWS-R US

The Mobile Workstation MAX BWS-R US is similar to other MAX designs, with two 12V/60Ah batteries and a 12V AC/300 VA sinus power inverter. It is compatible with the MAX Powerstation, a battery charging station with two battery trays. This twin delivery unit features a roll system for efficient battery changing.

Our entire line of MAX Mobile Workstations features adjustable shelf heights and industrial castors to enhance ergonomic comfort and mobility. The systems are individually tailored to meet industry standards for the countries in which the system operates, and each workstation comes with a unique power system to ensure optimal battery life. Visit our MAX Configurator page to find the ideal industrial mobile workstation for your facility.

How to Choose the Right Industrial Mobile Workstation

Every facility has different needs, so it is important to consider the following factors when choosing your workstation:

  • Application – Depending on your requirements, you might need a workstation with different features, including power source, battery type, printer, drawers with locking mechanisms, or a keyboard/mouse tray.
  • Portability – A wheeled workstation will allow workers to bring a computer with them on the job for easier data collection and access to printers, scanners, and tools.
  • Power Source – Depending on your computer, devices, and multiple shift work you may require different power configurations or battery types.
  • Employee Health and Safety – Using a mobile workstation can reduce worker fatigue by allowing employees to take fewer steps on the job. Customizing a workstation to meet the demands of multiple tasks will help to improve efficiency.
  • Equipment Capacity – Be sure to choose a workstation that has the ideal shelving width and height for your equipment.


In addition to our MAX Mobile Workstations, we offer additional systems and solutions for mobile data collection:

Handheld Data Terminals

Vehicle Mount Terminals

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At ACD Group, we are proud to offer top-quality industrial mobile solutions for a wide variety of industries and applications, and are being used by some of the most recognizable companies throughout the world. For more information on our industrial mobile workstations, handheld data terminals, and vehicle mount terminals, visit our website or contact us today!