How Do Mobile Workstations Improve Efficiency in Warehouses?

Using mobile computer stations in warehouses provides efficiency benefits across a range of tasks. When employees can move freely and complete necessary steps as they go, warehouses and distribution centers will experience the following: Optimized order picking...


COVID-19 Best Practices for Warehouses and Distribution Centers

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect businesses, increased online orders and associated supply chain demand have created a difficult situation for warehouses and distribution centers. Not only do they need to ensure adequate staff and operating hours to fulfill...


Comparing Warehouse Order Picking Methods

Order picking is the process by which workers select inventory to fulfill customer orders. As this task can comprise as much as 55% of total warehouse operating expenses, choosing the appropriate order picking system is an important step toward ensuring success. There are...


Inventory Management Tips for Warehouses

In warehouses, keeping track of incoming and outgoing inventory can be challenging, especially given the pressure to satisfy the varying needs and wants of buyers, suppliers, and employees. Inventory management systems facilitate the monitoring of goods inside of warehouses,...