Android™ Industrial+: Now available for MFT1x series vehicle terminals

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Android™ Industrial+: Now available for MFT1x series vehicle terminals

MFT10 and MFT12 vehicle terminals will now also be available with the modern, reliable Android™ operating system from ACD. The advantages are plain to see: Modern user guidance familiar to users of Android smartphones, together with the quality of the German manufacturer!

Why ACD Android™ Industrial+?
Unlike all competitors, who often use products from Asian manufacturers, the Android™ Industrial+ version can be selectively and flexibly adapted to customer needs at any time. The German developer and manufacturer likewise ensure longterm supply capability and thus a high level of investment reliability. Hardware components that require fundamental adjustments to the operating system can also be integrated. Easy app programming means customers can use the terminal in different processes. ACD also takes responsibility for support, incorporates security updates, and provides assistance with troubleshooting as well as rapid response to security gaps. The advantage of communicating directly with a German manufacturer is unique on the market and greatly reduces complications. To continue offering customers the right solution, ACD will pursue two paths in regards to operating systems for vehicle terminals, Windows® and Android™. It is also possible to convert devices to Android™.

Numerous options for increased usability
Nothing has changed in the familiar advantages: All MFT1x series types still have a rugged touchscreen that ensures error-free working and faster work processes throughout the warehouse and logistics environment and also in deep-freeze applications (down to minus 30 centigrade). A powder-coated aluminum housing plus the extremely sturdy, chemically tempered carrier glass of the front pane protect the system components inside; even from falling. A clear display is also guarantee, even with direct sunlight. The integrated rechargeable battery with up to 1.5 hours of runtime even makes it possible to bridge untimely power gaps sustainably. The vehicle terminal can also be serviced during operation. As usual, five function keys are freely programmable. With the Android™ Industrial+ operating system, ACD Elektronik GmbH is thus focusing more strongly on enhanced usability, stability and expanding the application range into order picking and challenging logistics applications.

Extensive accessories for individual options
Like all ACD products, different equipment features and accessories are available to adapt the application to individual requirements. This includes for example BT-compatible short-range wireless or an M.2 slot. Other accessories include the well known mounting bracket (RAM mount, flat bracket), and now also a sturdy – side mountable – USB industrial keyboard with IP65 rating (aluminum housing) with 39 keys, which makes data entry significantly easier.
To further expand the device-specific setting and configuration possibilities, the vehicle terminals come equipped with the “ACD TerminalSettings” app as a standard feature. This new app can be used to make various system settings (key assignments, ignition function, etc.) and to read information (battery status, display brightness, voltage values, hardware version, serial number).


All in all, series MFT1x forklift terminals are the perfect addition in terms of flexibility and effectiveness to optimize your logistics applications for internal transport of material.

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