Optimized Android™ operating system for high data security

Optimized Android™ operating system for high data security

Optimized Android™ operating system for high data security

Convince yourself now of our secure and long-standing operating system – independent of external services and individually customizable!

The Android™ Industrial+ features a very secure operating system optimized by ACD for all ACD mobile devices. The sources of the operating system are located at ACD in Germany.

Security “Made in Germany

No disclosure of data to third parties
No data migration and a high level of data security due to independence from third parties. All external services and accesses are removed from the source code.

Security patches directly from the manufacturer from Germany
Fast integration of important and relevant security patches.

Your Advantages

Strong individualization adapted to your processes

  • Fast and direct contact with developers
  • Individual basic configuration for your devices
  • Design adapted to your corporate identity
  • ACD as a holistic partner
ACD Apps

Pre-built ACD apps for optimal workflow

  • ACD EasyToConfig is a software product for easy setup and configuration of Mobile Handheld Computers. Furthermore, a performed initial setup can be transferred to other devices.
  • ACD EasyToConnect 2.0 app is a software product that makes it easy to connect a BLE pairing device (Bluetooth Low Energy pairing device), like smartphone, Mobile Handheld Computer, forklift terminal, with the HasciSE backhand scanner and transferring data via the HID profile. Furthermore, new firmware versions can be uploaded to the HasciSE and information can be read out.
  • ACD HasciDataService is an app for easy pairing with a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) counterpart device, such as smartphone, Mobile Handheld Computer, forklift terminal, and for transferring data packets from the HasciSE via the GATT profile and further via intents to the customer application.
  • ACD KioskMode is a software product with which it can be ensured that the user can only access certain apps.
  • ACD SystemApp is a software product for displaying relevant system information of Mobile Handheld Computers.
  • Many more apps are available and expandable by any Android™ app.
Mobile Device Manager

Easy to connect thanks to standardized interfaces

  • Use common mobile device managers
  • We offer all standard Android™ interfaces to enable the use of common mobile device managers without any problems.
Long-term support

ACD – A partner for life

  • Software Patches and Support: regular security patches, upgrade of Android™ versions and long-term support for older Android™ versions
  • Long-term availability of the hardware: unlike consumer products, our mobile devices and spare parts continue to be available up to eight years after delivery.

If you are interested in our safe and reliant operating system Android™ Industrial+, please call our Sales Team!

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