MAX BWS-R mobile workstation: MAX battery exchange has never been so easy

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MAX BWS-R mobile workstation: MAX battery exchange has never been so easy

New battery changing station – the MAX powerstation – with two battery trays – reduces work for employees when changing batteries

Flexible working throughout the warehouse environment: With the MAX mobile workstation, developed by ACD Elektronik GmbH, this has been reality for more than 10 years. Now the handling of the mobile workstation with battery exchange system has been improved, making it optimally suited for multi-shift operation.

With the new MAX BWS-R and the corresponding MAX powerstation, battery exchange can now be carried out by one person in one minute. Whereas two people were previously necessary due to the weight of the battery, with the MAX powerstation – the changing station – the battery pack no longer needs to be lifted. The exchange is carried out with a roller mechanism on rails. Employees no longer need to lift the heavy battery – a significant plus. Parallel charging at the MAX powerstation allows continuous working with the mobile workstation without interruption.

In warehouse logistics or for incoming and outgoing goods, the MAX works independently of the power grid, thereby reducing long walking times. For the moment, the mobile workstation is available with the roller battery exchange system (BWS-R) in power category 300 VA. Further equipment options such as accessories are easy to select using the modular principle.

Like all mobile workstations, the MAX BWS-R has an aluminum base frame with compact dimensions of 44 x 22 x 23 inches, an on-board charger with nine amps, two maintenance-free fleece batteries and a battery controller for displaying the battery capacity. The corresponding MAX powerstation consists of a double tray with a roller system for changing the battery system for two battery trays. The changing station can be expanded as required. Customer-specific special designs round off the MAX kit as the ideal companion for warehouse logistics.

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