MAX Mobile Workstation Improves Warehouse Operations at Simplehuman

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MAX Mobile Workstation Improves Warehouse Operations at Simplehuman

At Simplehuman, the MAX Mobile Workstation is used for a variety of warehouse operations, including processing outbound goods, returns management, and as a temporary packing station during peak periods.

Nigel Parker, Distribution Manager for Simplehuman, found that “Our requirements for mobile workstations came about because of the level of complexity we have with processing Business to Business orders. I wanted something where the operative would be able to work and follow clear instructions to a very high level that we provide to the customers. It’s got dual functionality, so I can use it as a warehouse management system, and I can also use it for referral for specific requirements for customers. It’s a very good communication tool as well.”

The MAX Mobile Workstation’s battery life was a key strength as well. “We’re seeing a lot of benefits brought to the operation by using the MAX power units. In any large distribution center, power is always an issue. We took the view that we would like the power to go where the work is, and that’s exactly what the MAX units do.” Ultimately, the unit has saved 20% of admin and operator process time for outbound goods.

Learn more about our Warehouse Mobile Workstation MAX US units, or explore their available configurations in our Configurator tool.

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