Warehouse Mobile Workstation MAX TK US

Warehouse Mobile Workstation MAX TK US

Warehouse Mobile Workstation MAX TK US: Mobilize warehouse IT and reduce employee footsteps and delays in freezer areas

The Warehouse Mobile Workstation MAX is ideally suited to flexible data collection and independent work in the warehouse environment including logistics, goods in / cross docking, shipping and inventory control.

The Mobile Workstation MAX TK US is especially suitable in freezer areas until -18.4 °F.
Independent of the main electricity supply, the user can, for example, register incoming goods into the IT system directly at the point of delivery. The advantages include minimized work footsteps, the ability to store goods faster, and fewer stationary workplaces.
The extremely robust design and flexible modular system with a wide range of options ensure a process-optimized work station that is tailored to your specific requirements.

Warehouse Mobile Workstation MAX: reduces travel time and makes IT equipment mobile
  • Flexible modular system with limitless options
  • Variable ergonomic height
  • Country-specific design with CSA/US approval
  • Suitable for freezer use and shift operation
  • Easy-running industrial castors

A short video shows how MAX Warehouse Mobile Workstation reduces travel time and makes IT equipment mobile.


Prior try our Warehouse Mobile Workstation MAX TK US out!

Basic structure:
  • Aluminium base frame with four castors (two with locking brakes)
  • Adjustable working height, standard 1,050 mm (DIN 4549)
  • Easy to push thanks to ergonomic handle and tough, heavy-duty casters
  • Very stable due to corner castors and low centre of gravity
  • Dimensions: 1,130 x 550 x 580 mm (H x W x D)
  • Weight approx. 67 – 113 kg/141.71 – 249.12 lb (depending on version)
  • Temperature range: 0 °C to 40 °C/32 °F to 104 °F (depending on version)
MAX TK US: MAX with inverter
  • Desk: 19.69 x 17.32 inch (W x D), desk height adjustable
  • Standard rear wall with document pocket
  • On-board charger, 10 A
  • 2 AGM batteries, 12 V/60 Ah (maintenance-free)
  • 24 V DC connector including plug
  • Battery charge indicator displays battery capacity including acoustic and optical warning signal on reaching final discharge voltage with automatic stop (incl. deep discharge protection)
  • Heat insulation
  • Temperature range -28 °C to +40 °C/-18.4 °F to 104 °F
MAX rear panel multifunction
MAX rear panel multifunction

Hinged rear panel with document bag

MAX cup holder
MAX box

Box for cups, pencils, scanner, etc.

MAX cable run
MAX cable run
MAX deposit module
MAX deposit module

Mounted on tabletop with bore holes for VESA holder.
Dimensions: 500 x 100 x 360 mm (B x H x D)

Mobile Workstation MAX drawer small
MAX drawer

Drawer with separators for incidentals
Different styles available.

MAX label roll holder

Special model – adjusted for label

MAX lateral storage box

The lateral storage box consists of a robust plastic box and a mounting device.
The storage box is mounted laterally at the frame of the mobile workstation.

MAX magnetic waste box/dustbin small
MAX magnetic waste box/dustbin small

Magnetic waste box/dustbin for mobile workstation MAX; 10 liter

MAX monitor support RamMount

MAX monitor support RamMount

MAX monitor support stack

MAX monitor support stack

MAX monitor support VESA

Aluminum monitor support with 2 hinges. Suitable for LCD/TFT monitors with maximum 25 kg.

ACD warehouse mobile workstation MAX mouse keyboard extension
MAX mouse/keyboard extension

Extractable extension for keayboard and mouse

MAX powerstation

MAX powerstation

MAX printer shelve
MAX printer shelve

Plate for tabletop with 500 mm depth

MAX printer shelve backside

Please consider counterbalance

MAX protection cover
MAX protection cover

Dimensions: 1200 x 600 x 600 mm, Material: PVC, including zip

MAX industrial castors
MAX fixed castors

Fixed castors with brake

ACD MAX swivel plate
MAX swivel plate

Hinged plate at the side
Dimensions: 420 x 345 (B x D), maximum load 5 Kg

MAX tabletop

Deposit panel with grip – extractable.